Sunday, July 6, 2008

Travels from Millersville, to Havre de grace, to Fiji, to Australia!

Aaawww do you have to be THAT close... your a girl!

Two peas in a pod...most of the time! that's going too far! NO KISSING!!

Learning how to do thumbs up from some Fijian dudes.

On the Bula Bus!! Hold on tight or you'll go from one end of the bus to the other real quick!!

Seeing the sights in the hinterlands on our way to a village

Some village kids looking in a Bure (hut).... the littlest girl was afraid of Mama because of her white skin!

Dada getting as close to the ocean as he will get!

On the 7th most beautiful beach in the world.

Learning how to horse ride...

Feeling more comfortable now...Bula!! (hello)

Swimming in the water holes...water was slightly colder so only Aunty Nikki and mama braved the water.

Waterfall in the hinterlands

Fun with Aunty Nikki and my rock from the village

Helping to light the torches

More fun with Aunty Nikki!!

Not to sure about getting this picture!

The girls soaking up the sun.

Sun set .... I want to go back!!!

If only we had the opportunity to laze in one of these... maybe when we retire!

Daughter, Dada time.

Swimming with Mama.

BULA!! I am so cheaky!

We had just arrived in Fiji.... time to relax!

Back in Havre de grace. Looking at boats with Uncle Rett.

Having one last good old American pig out! Pasgehtti!

The view from our house in Harve de grace!

The house we stayed cute

Light house down the street.

AAaawww! More girls kissing on me!

Thats ok ....she's my buddy Annalia....she lives in the street where my old house is...miss you... MMmwwwwaa!

More friends from Sherbrooke ct! I miss my plays with the "big kids"....

And the opportunity to have plenty of ice pops, candy, play video games(try to) and many more big kid activities! Miss you all...Jaylan is saving his money so you can all visit!( Good luck with that) :)

The house .... many projects done (tony completed a new deck just before we left), and many memories had there. It's amazing how much you appreciate what you had after you leave it! Now we are in Australia and excited to build a life here....but also scared about all the bumps we have to get over before we are settled! Will send pic's of Aussie happenings soon and keep you posted on life in OZ.... hi to all and wish you well. xxxx

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